about us

Balactan Nutrition a Spanish Food Corporation is an innovative and dedicated company that applies the latest nutritional innovations to all our products, continuously improving the latest advances within the food industry, lead by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience within the food industry.

Our team have joined together with their experience and knowledge within the food industry to develop a range of food products to provide the best nutritional combinations for health and development to our consumers from babies to adults.

Balactan Nutrition is a flexible and agile food company that tries to anticipate to the market trends by being able to customize our recipes depending on the market in which we operate and try to be one of the first in applying new concepts in terms of health and nutrition.

We focus our activities in offering:

  • Premium Infant Formula
  • Baby Cereals
  • Baby Meals
  • Fruit Pouches
  • Dairy products (UHT Milk and Flavored Milk)
  • Mineral water suitable for infant food preparation

Beyond responsibility:

  • Supervise the correct functioning of the processes and documentation.
  • Plan, coordinate and monitor internal and external auditing.
  • Manage corrective and preventive actions.
  • Continuous assessment of suppliers.
about us

quality control


Through our brands, Balactan and Naladan, we supply and offer top quality products following the strictest quality controls such a: ISO9001, ISO14001, BRC, IFS, HACCP, BIO, AOP

Monitoring 100% tracabilty in all stages of production, from the moment we receive the raw material, through to manufacture and distribution.

We are proud to contribute on improving countries health and food habits by offering healthy and nutritional products for the whole family.


social responsibility

We are a values-based family-oriented company.
We at Balactan believe that our values and convictions shape not only who we are and what we stand for but ultimately, how we do business. Our key business philosophies are rooted in our core values:

  • Respect: We respect each other’s individuality and the unique contributions of each of our family members.
  • Understanding: We seek to always understand each other and situations more clearly that we may also be able to adapt better to changing business conditions.
  • Teamwork: We believe that everyone is important, with each having a vital role to play in our overall business.
  • Pursuit of Excellence: We constantly strive to supply our products with the highest efficiency and the highest levels of quality.

Social Responsability

We collaborate with all countries affected by the economic crisis by providing them through charity association’s free product which we assign from each of our production process on selected products.

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    BALACTAN NUTRITION S.L. - Paseo de la Castellana 95, 15° - 28046 Madrid, Spain.